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Nurul Putri Female
Single Islamic
20 Indonesia

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Yes Yes
2 Yes
Yes No
2 years above
English Yes

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15-05-2017 17-09-2017
6 months 12 months
I have a niece in my home, her name is Shakila, she is 2 years old and she has been staying in my home since she was born. Her mom is my aunt, Maya... Maya left us since she gave a birth to her baby, and our family decided to take care of her. So, when i have a free time or so, i always help my mom to make a bottle milk and change her diapers for my niece. I taught her to walking, singing and say things. Now, im excited to taught her to get to know numbers, colors, and so on :) in another experience, its always come from my family. i often being invited to my aunt's or uncle's house to play with their children, especially drawing because im good at it! :P First of all, its because i considered my self as a learner and an explorer. I love learn new things and especially new cultures. I figured, every country has its authenticity and its unique. Thats a very interesting for me as a young girl who LOVES kids, traveling and learning new language. I want to stepped out of my comfort zones to improve myself. I want to make a story of my life, a challenging decisions, that i've never had before. Many believed taht become an AuPair give a life changing, and yes, i want to feel that way ;)
Netherlands Germany
Australia No
4 A Town
No No
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