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kefiloe leso Female
Single Jehovah's Witness
21 South Africa

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6 months up
English No

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01-12-2017 01-06-2018
12 months 24 months
i was raised in a big family whereby my aunts had babies and I had to help, which was never a problem because i love kids. I still voluntarily go and help my mothers friend with her 3year old and an infant in my free time. My own mother had my sibling when i was already 18 so i have assisted her as good as my siblings second mother. When my brother was only 6 months old my mom had to go back to work and i would care for him throughout the day because that was my gap year so i wasnt studying, and my mom saw it fit to rather not hire a baby minder and rather pay me because i did this so well first of all, i really love kids and i am able to care for them. i enjoy watching them develop and being able to offer them a comforting touch when they are not well. Secondly, i want to work internationally. My mother moved around internationally a lot, sometimes with me, and that got me loving experiencing the diversity of people and different countries. I believe in open mindedness and i understand that working or studying internationally will fill that part for me.
Germany Switzerland
Netherlands Germany: Nuernberg, Freiburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, H
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