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Anis Juniatin Amelia Female
Single Muslim
22 Indonesia

Other Information

No Yes
1 Yes
Yes No
1-10 years old
English,Indonesian Yes

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31-01-2018 31-03-2018
6 months 12 months
i have 1 nephew and 2 niece. I helps my brother and sister take care of them when they are busy. I getting ready and bring to kindegarten. Pick up from kindegarten and then plays with them. I like plays and educating them. When i cooked for them i would like to made them counting and asking about the color, it’s my way to made them learning and remember new number and color. i will asking about their day in kindegarten and would they tell me lesson that they get in kindegarten. When they want to meet their parents but it’s impossible i will talk something or plays with them, so it made them forgot their parents for awhile. I like made simple craft with them. i always curious about culture, tradition and activities in other country. i come from indonesia (asia), it will be great experience for me as an au pair and for my future host family who from europe. i would like to take care of children from different country, we can learning something new each other. i never grew up there but i will know feel of grew up there. i will bring good and positive vibe from indonesia and asia.
Belgium Ireland
Luxembourg Brussel,Dublin,Madrid,barcelona,Luksemburg,Kopenha
4 A City
No No
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