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Tria Sugiarti Female
Single Muslim
27 Indonesia

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Yes Yes
1 Yes
Yes No
English,Arabic,German,Esperanto,Indonesian Yes

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30-09-2018 01-01-2019
3 months 24 months
I love to play and make activities with a children. I have many experience to take care the children. I have graduated from Bachelor and Master. My major is Special needs education. As a teacher i ever teached in inclusive school (elementary school for as a shadow teacher), swimming teraphyst (for autism children, down syndrom, ADHD, slow learner, hyperactive, and mental retarded), i am also work with special needs children in clinical development special needs, home visit as a teacher to autism, mental retarded and down sydrome. But, my point not as a teacher i want to be a friend forever and make them confidence to everything. I love to learn new culture, language, art, music, and of course have another family as my home in another city and country. Especially, English/French language, history about the country, and culture. Become an Aupair in another country, that’s mean for me the good one to become more independent and become more good/better in everything. I love differences. Love in unity in diversity. Au Pair is for me a great combination to see some of the world and meet new people and can learn everything in anything i meet. I want to increase and develop my knowledge about the culture, Language and everything . I life for to take care of them, to make the happy, and enjoy to live a life. I love The children so much.
Sweden Germany
Netherlands Stockholm, Malmoo, Rotterdam, Utrect, Copenhagen,
3 A City
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