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Mbah Emeditte Abei Female
Single Christian
23 Cameroon

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Any age
English,German,French Yes

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10th March 2 10th Septemb
1 month 1 month
I have five years experience of child care because since I graduated from the Teacher's training college in 2013,I have served as a teacher in different other institutions.I teach children how to do pre_ reading,how to write and also how to dance.being in this field of teaching kids,I have been enjoying the kids' company because they are so interesting and create alot of fun.infact the children age is me best age group because iam to fun of them and i love them as well.thanks. Emeditte I want to be a loving and caring aupair.I wish to breed the future of my t kid or kids ( my friends and slibblings) in the host family.I wish to bring up the kids in a moral,hospitable and respectful way.I will equally seek to study the environment which they are found and to get them associated with the environment in such a way that they can be fitted in the society they are and even elsewhere. Infact I will be a mother to them.thank you
Germany Belgium
British Virgin Islands No.I don't have any specific city or town
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